I am from a conservative south Indian family when I told my parents that I want to travel they were worried about many things what people will think, what relatives will think , it’s not safe out there, take your brother with you, get married and travel with your husband…..sounds familiar right? People always judge no matter what you do or you don’t do, so I was not going to give up my dream for them. With marriage, it will happen when I find the right guy who understands my heart over how my matrimony picture looks and how much bank balance my parents have. One thing which made sense though was being safe while in a country where you don’t know anyone. Here are few things I make sure when I am in an unknown land all by myself.

  1. KNOW WHAT STREETS TO AVOID:I mostly stay in hostels and most of the time people are really friendly. Talk to the front desk about high crime streets in the area. Get a local map, mark places you want to go and check with the FD if they are safe and how to get there. If you have internet Google about the place before going. Keep a diary and note down important information like phone number and operation hours.

    Reykjavik map

  2. KNOW THE LOCAL EMERGENCY NUMBER:It is always better to research before the trip and find out what is the emergency number in the country. Save the phone number of your country embassy in that area. There is nothing wrong in giving them a call to inform about your trip. Notify your cell provider about your travel in advance so you have your phone handy in case of emergency. Also, keep the phone numbers of your family or friends written down on a slip in your wallet. In Case of emergency, people around you will know whom to contact if you are not in a condition to communicate.


  3. KNOW HOW TO DISTRIBUTE YOUR MONEY:Most of the trip money is in my international checking account. It’s the safest way to carry as I can use my card anywhere without charges and draw cash in local currency from atm. There will be places where they don’t accept plastic money or places where you might not find an ATM. For this reason, I keep some local currency with me in different places. Few bills in the purse, few in backpack pockets, and few in a pair of clean socks….get creative at the same time remember where you have them. You don’t want to be stressed out about not finding them when needed.Be aware of pickpockets and bag snatchers in crowded places.


  4. KNOW YOUR INSTINCTS:I was in a situation where inner me told not to do it and I did it anyways which got me in trouble. I was blessed to get out of it safe. There are nice people out there but at the same time people with bad intentions. The best part of traveling is meeting new people, making new friends, knowing their travel stories, don’t let the fear stop you from experiencing all these and at the same time be cautious of surroundings.


  5. KNOW THE CULTURE:There are something’s which are acceptable from where you are but might not be at your travel destination. I was in Dubai during Ramadan which is the holy month for Muslims, eating and drinking (even water) is not allowed in public from sunrise to sunset. If caught even drinking water is a punishable crime. Once a tourist was fined 50 thousand Dirham’s when caught drinking juice in public. Learn about the culture and respect it. The last thing you want on your trip is to deal with officials due to lack of knowledge.IMG_2304

On a final note always make multiple copies of your travel documents and give one copy to your friend back home, one copy in your backpack. Also, keep an electronic copy of all your documents in email. If you lose your passport while in a foreign land it is a painful process to arrange the travel documents to get back home. However, having copies of all the documents handy will ease this process.Keep your documents safe

All the best in your adventures and be safe!

Published by Krithika

Automation Engineer by profession and a dreamer by heart. As you can guess i love to travel and the other activities i love are Yoga, Hiking and crochet on cold winter weekends. I have a signature Yoga pose i do when ever i go to a waterfalls.

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