My first Solo Trip “To Dubai”

I planned a stop over in Dubai on my way back to states from India. I Was super excited about this trip at the same time scared to death as this is going to be my first travel to a foreign land all by myself. Got advice from family and friends why this is not a good idea. Some even suggested I should get married soon and travel with my husband (I don’t get the logic).

Finally, the day of travel came and I was nervous and excited, After saying bye to parents and family in Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad got on to my flight to Dubai. Last one hour in flight my heart was pounding so heavy with excitement and fear of how my trip will go.

View of Arabian Desert below
View of the Arabian Desert below

Finished immigration without any hazel as I got my transit visa online 3 weeks before my travel date. I exchanged money in airport and the guy at counter suggested to put some money in a prepaid master card as lot of places in Dubai has special discounts if you pay with Master Card [Tip 1.]

Fulfilled every word of saying 'atithi devo bhava' which means 'The guest is equivalent to God'
Fulfilled every word of saying ‘atithi devo bhava’ which means ‘The guest is equivalent to God’

Raj picked me up from airport Terminal 3 and we went to his place. Raj and Saran (Raj’s roommate) served me to lunch which is quite interesting Idly with chicken curry, I was busy eating and forgot to take a picture. It was yummy I never had that combination before.

After taking rest and chatting about a wide range of topics they took me out to explore Dubai-a city built on sand. In June average daily temperature is above 45 deg C. To avoid the heat we went to watch ‘SPY’ at VOX cinemas. As we stepped into the theater I wondered why seats were spread out so much, then thought maybe sheiks need privacy while watching the movie. Here comes the best part those seats turned into a bed and I had pillow and blanket in my chair. This is the start of experiences Rich Dubai!

After the movie, we went to Dubai Mall. All along the drive, I kept on clicking pictures with wide open mouth and eyes popped open.

Warm Fog Covering the Skyline. Relative Humidity of 80-85%.
Warm Fog Covering the Skyline. Relative Humidity of 80-85%.
Better View as we got close to Down Town.
Better View as we got close to Down Town.
Saucer Shaped Helipad/Tennis Court on top Left.
Saucer Shaped Helipad/Tennis Court on top Left.

Burj Al Arab- As they say ‘the world’s most iconic hotel’ Looked like a fancy high rise building until I watched the documentary on the construction of this magnificent structure. Being an engineer myself I couldn’t stop admiring the team who designed and built it. Sheikh Mohammed knows how to use technology in developing countries infrastructure and took the meaning of developing to a whole new level. Here is the link to youtube video on construction of Burj Al Arab:

I purchased the ticket for Burj Khalifa observation deck online before hand it cost 125 AED for “At The Top Level 124” at 9 PM as I wanted to get a view of beautiful city decorated for Ramadan in the night. Tickets are very expensive if you buy it at the entrance so plan ahead and get tickets online [Tip 2.] Here is the link to Ticket booking page:

As expected it was beautiful and while I was on the top floor of observation deck water fountain show started. It was spectacular to watch the whole show from Top View. Evening Shows Starts daily from 6 PM to 10 PM (Every 30 Mins) so plan accordingly [Tip 3]

Flat Bread with best Hummus I ever had
Flat Bread with best Hummus I ever had

After walking in Dubai Mall without getting lost (it’s very easy to get lost) all credit goes to Saran, we were on our way to Dyar Al Sham authentic middle eastern restaurant in International City. They had the best hummus I ever had. I ordered Pomegranate Juice and Lamb kabab. Everything tasted Yummy.

Lamb Kabab
Khashkhash Kabab and Pomegranate Juice.
GOLD BENTLEY- They say if you see anything in Gold shade in Dubai then its Real Gold.
GOLD BENTLEY- They say if you see anything in the Gold shade in Dubai then its Real Gold.

Next Day morning I packed my day pack with snacks and water bottle. As it’s Ramadan time eating, drinking and smoking in public places between sunrise to sunset is prohibited. Respect their culture and don’t get in trouble [Tip 4.] I took a taxi to the nearest metro station and purchased a day pass for Dubai Public transportation which includes Metro and Bus. After spending a morning Skiing in an indoor Ski resort with 85mts indoor mountain slopes (Ski Dubai it is a part of The Mall of Emirates) I went to Ibn Battuta Mall.

I felt like a kid playing in snow and skiing (by the way i was terrible at skiing)
I felt like a kid playing in snow and skiing (by the way I was terrible at skiing)

It is amazing how we get to see different cultures in place. Each court in the Mall is designed to represent a particular culture like Chinese Court, Indian Court….my personal favorite is Persian Court.

Beautifully designed Persian Court
Beautifully designed Persian Court

From there I went to the Arabian Desert for the most awaiting adventure of the trip sand dunes safari in a 4×4 vehicle. It is the most incredible experience I had in my life so far. It was like sitting in a 4 wheel roller coaster.

Incredible Experience Don't Miss it if you are a Adrenaline Junkie like me
Incredible Experience Don’t Miss it if you are an Adrenaline Junkie like me

After Safari headed back to Raj’s place and got ready to catch my midnight flight back to the US. This trip has awakened the wanderlust inside me. Within a month, i booked my plane tickets to Costa Rica. Wait for my next post on Costa Rica!

Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached – Swami Vivekananda

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11 thoughts on “My first Solo Trip “To Dubai”

  1. Really Superb!! We always are busy with our careers & to focus on our family and personal life. We rarely see people taking time off for themselves. Great going! Kudos 2 ur spirit!! Looking forward for ur next post! 🙂

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  2. I feel nostalgic reading your article as I have tried the same last December!! Great work on your blog…now I have new destinations to visit

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