Krithika means Unique

When i first came to United States (August 2010) we were having a intro session with seniors who are from India in our apartment , just an informal meeting in the middle of night while all new bees are fighting with Jet lag. New students have to introduce themselves with information about where they are from, what there major is and hobbies, etc., when my turn came started of with my name, educational background and for hobbies i said traveling. Still remember the look on many faces around me and one of the senior KC asked me where all i traveled. I started thinking and told him i have been to 20 states in India and most of that travel was on road. I didn’t know how people around me felt that day but 4 years later one of my good friend U’day told me that he was impressed and that was the first time he heard someone say traveling as hobby, that definitely made me feel good.

This travel bug in me is due to my dad he loves traveling and used to take us on road trips every summer. It was not a common thing among our family or for the people from our community to travel in those days. Every one were busy saving up money for kids education, buying property. My dad knew traveling and seeing the world would give us more than saving up for our future. He did his best in taking us to the corners of the country. Once i moved out of home and started working in 2009, my job took me to places that i have never been. I used to travel over weekends. I remember till date he never said no for going and exploring. He used to call and ask me if i had enough money for my trips.

Over past 5 years in US i traveled to 38 states and completing 50 states is in my list. Hiking is my other passion and combining travel with hiking is the best. I never said no to an opportunity to travel or hike. I will continue to do so in future as well and create more and more memories.

Published by Krithika

Automation Engineer by profession and a dreamer by heart. As you can guess i love to travel and the other activities i love are Yoga, Hiking and crochet on cold winter weekends. I have a signature Yoga pose i do when ever i go to a waterfalls.

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